5 Warning Signs That You Chose The Wrong Eastvale Real Estate Agent

Eastvale CaliforniaMy team of Eastvale real estate agents frequently get new buyers and sellers calling us saying they don’t like their Realtor, or they have just fired their Realtor. The reasons for their frustrations can be any of hundreds we’ve heard before, but nine times out of ten it’s one of the five reasons I am about to share with you below. If you have come across any of the following, then you probably already know how important these things are to your success as a buyer or seller.

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#1- You’ve said to yourself “when is my Real Estate Agent going to respond to me?” If you have called, emailed, or texted your Realtor and it has been an unreasonable amount of time since you put that message into them without a return and it’s happened more than once then you should have a discussion about it with your real estate agent. Of course there is always exceptions to the rule. Maybe they were with clients showing property? Or in a meeting? I generally make sure ALL my clients know when they will hear back from me through a text at the very least. This is the is the number one complaint home buyers and home sellers have of their real estate agent.  If you’re having trouble getting in contact with your real estate agent prior to hiring them it’s a good indication you’ll continue to have that problem after you sign on the dotted line.

#2- They keep rescheduling your appointments or aren’t available when you are. As a real estate agent I have to make sure I am open to my clients’ schedules. Sure, there are times when things come up that are unforeseen. However, if that seems to be the norm and you can’t seem to EVER schedule time to go looking at property or get them to sit down and discuss your sale. Then they are either NOT a full-time agent and work a different full-time job leaving them little time to meet with you (which you DO NOT want to work with an agent that is not 100% committed to Real Estate you will get short changed) OR they just have very poor time management, in which case that could hurt you as well because you may miss out on a house or a buyer if the Realtor isn’t readily available to meet with you.

#3- You feel as if you are intruding on their time when you DO get to meet with them or speak to them. You feel like your Real Estate Agent is side tracked or not focused on you. You shouldn’t ever wonder if they are doing what you ask of them or if they have your best interests in mind.

#4- They don’t provide you with information requested, or they can’t answer your questions confidently. I make it a rule to make sure my clients questions are ALWAYS answered. If they want to know certain information about a property I hunt it down and get it to them. If I get a list of properties they want to see, my first question is “great, when are you available to view them?”.  That way I can make arrangements if appointments are needed to get into the properties.  If your Real Estate agent isn’t on the ball like this, you might need to consider using another agent who is responsive to your needs and goals.

#5- They blame others for their short comings or mistakes.  There’s always an excuse why something didn’t happen or get done the way it should have. In any typical real estate transaction there are many hands in the deal once under contract and mistakes DO happen. But you want to work with someone who is on top of things and is able to avoid or fix any issues that may or do come up. That way it lessens the chances of anything going wrong prior to closing.

Eastvale Real Estate Agents - Aryn ReynoldsAll these items are VERY important to look out for. Any one of them could cost you your dream house as a buyer or a sale if you are selling. Once you are under contract there are many time frames that have to be met and if they aren’t you could lose money, have legal issues or lose the sale of your house. If your previous real estate agent didn’t work out for you or you haven’t selected a real estate agent yet. Call my team at The Homefinding Center now.  We’re ready to help!  909-645-9192 or email me at realtoraryn@yahoo.com

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